Our fierce blonde gets an unexpected b-day gift

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By Annette Lawless | Kansas CW

Sydney’s viscous spirit lives on-at least that’s what Ella’s learning rather quickly in this week’s episode of Melrose.

We last left off with Jane, Sydney’s sister-turned-new-landlord, plotting to expose Ella; apparently Ella sent a number of threatening e-mails (a huge party foul in the dot-com world, if you ask me), right before Syd’s death.

Through flashbacks, we learn Ella and Sydney had a strong love-hate relationship.

Coming from Denver with little cash in-hand, Ella had a lot to learn about the fast-paced, stiletto-ridden life of L.A. (I love how the producers tried to make El look homely, dressed in a hippie-chic sundress and hoop earrings-as if she was bottom-barrel fashion. Please!? A little teenybopper, yes, but she still looked cute. Gotta love Katie Cassidy!)

It’s OK, though, Ms. Simms soon upgraded from ensembly-challenged to fashionista. “Well, look who’s grown out of her Uggs and into her Manolos,” Sydney says in the episode.

But you gotta wonder if the girl can ever wear clothes that are comfy?

Anyway, Sydney took her under her wing, but was soon tossed as El climbed up the career ladder. Don’t worry through, Operation Revenge kicks in, and Syd gives Ella a fair amount of payback: let’s say in the form of a $20,000 credit card bill. Yikes, and I though Sallie Mae was evil.

No doubt, all the juicy deets make way to sister Jane, who leaks info to the police. Now, Ella is murder suspect No. 1. Do you think she did the crime?

After all, Ella’s alibi is the shakiest of all the characters, though she confesses to David that she was sleeping with a client when Sydney was murdered. “If this hits the blogosphere I’d get 15 minutes of fame and a lifetime of peddling In-N-Out Burgers,” she says of her secret.

As the pals gather for a posh evening out, the cops give Ella the biggest birthday surprise: an arrest.

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