3rd Grade Students Build Business, Learn Economics

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LYNDHURST, Ohio–We all have fond memories of elementary school, but some local third graders learned a lesson many don’t get until college.

For the past couple of weeks, students at Sunview Elementary learn the basics of economics.

The third-grade class was given a project to build a successful business.

“Today, we are going to be selling pet toys, which includes cat teasers, pet scarves, people scarves, braided ball toys and braid toys,” said 8-year-old Sloane Boukobza. “We are giving the money to Marilyn’s Voice, which is a charity that helps sick dogs and cats, to help them find a forever home.”

But to get to this point, 9-year-old Amani Henderson said it took a lot of hard work.

“We had to braid the braids and make the signs,” Amani said. “My favorite part was braiding the braids,” Cause some people didn’t know how to braid, so I was helpful. I helped them.”

In order to fund such an elaborate project, the students wrote letters to a bank to get a $300 loan from United Bank of Taylor.

“First, we need a loan,” said 8-year-old Alex Bailey. “If we can’t get the loan, we can’t get the materials. If we can’t get the materials, we can’t make the toys. if you can’t make the toys, Marilyn’s Voice would be a big, pink blob.”

About 100 students of the third-grade class helped sell the toys during lunch time this week.

“We’re doing a really good job,” Alex said. “We’ve had too much of a crowd. I’ve had to take one or two for the team already. And we’ve made $600!”

From 31 different styles of scarves to dog pullers of just about any color–there are still many items up for grabs. The students will be selling the items from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. this Saturday at Pet-Supplies-Plus, 5092 Mayfield Rd, in Lyndhurst.

Catch the behind-the-scenes action of what all these third graders did. Check out the photo gallery here. (Believe me, it’s one project you don’t want to miss!)