Viral Video: Bridesmaid surprised with wedding proposal

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It’s one of the most celebrated moments in the wedding ceremony: the bouquet toss.

Yet, for bridesmaid Marcie Matthews, she wasn’t quite expecting one twist on her best friend’s big day – now captured in a viral video.

Bride Shelby Henningman prepared to throw the flowers over her shoulder. But, instead, she stops, walks over to Matthews and hands her the bouquet.

Matthews, stunned, then watches her boyfriend Lauren Sussi step in and get down on one knee. He proposed marriage. She said “yes.”

“It still gives me goose bumps,” Sussi said, having watched the video captured by videographer Israel Matson. “We watched it a half hour ago. Every time that part comes up with the bouquet, I just start to lose it.”

The video, now watched more than 160,000 times on YouTube, has become larger-than-life for the couple.

“It’s so wonderful,” Matthews said. “It’s so great to have something to go back to and look back at that special moment. It’s such a blessing. We’re just really excited. Not only for the engagement, but we have something to refer back to in the future.”

Matthews and Sussi said it’s exciting to hear so many people have watched their moment play out on the Internet. Though, they weren’t expecting their story to get as big as it has, they are anxious for their own nuptials. The couple plans to get married on May 20, 2017. They want to thank Shelby and her husband Cody for making it possible.

“They’re definitely our best friends, so to be able to have a day altogether,” Matthews said. “For them to share that is so special, but for then for us to have a piece of that too, that we can all have together. Oh my gosh, do you remember your wedding day? Not only was it the best day for you but the best day for me.”

“We’ve realized that more than anything, getting married matters the most,” Matthews continued. “It doesn’t matter, like at the end of the day, what happens or what your dress looks like, who’s going to be there, what kind of food you’re going to serve. At the end of the day, truly, it’s about being married to your best friend and somebody to share your life with and have a future with. It’s so surreal. It’s just really great.”