What’s Trending: ‘Bachelor baby is born, vacuum drinking game tagged:

What’s Trending: ‘Bachelor baby is born, vacuum drinking game

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As you celebrate the Fourth of July, here’s a look at a few of the big stories trending today.

“The Bachelor’s” Sean and Catherine Lowe said “I do” on live television two years ago. Now, the couple has an even bigger reason to celebrate: a baby. Their boy, Samuel Thomas, was born on July 2.

A nine-second video is quickly going viral, showing a group of people play a drinking game on robotic vacuums. YouTube user Megan Noll posted a video called “Roomba Pong,” where players try to sink ping pong balls into cups in a game of beer pong. The cups are attached to a Roomba vacuum as it moves on a table.

The video was posted on June 28 and has more than 512,000 views on YouTube.

As families head to zoos this holiday weekend, Comedian Jeff Wysaski wants them to walk away with a laugh. Known as Obvious Plant on social media, Wysaski left fake animal facts around the Los Angeles Zoo.

One sign reads, “Penguins appear to have tuxedos because they are slowly evolving into 1920s business tycoons. In 30 years they’ll have monocles. In 60 years, disdain for the poor.”