Stand Strong: Community remembers Danny Parmertor

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CHARDON, Ohio — Christine McCrory may not personally know Danny Parmertor.
But after the tragic shooting that took the lives of Danny and two other boys at Chardon High School, she wanted to show she cared.
“We’re dressed in red and black to show our support,” McCrory said. “We just kept forwarding the text messages around to get people out here.”

McCrory was one of thousands of people who lined the streets of Chardon, as Danny Parmertor was laid to rest.
“Danny, just seeing the footage of Danny on the news. He just seemed like a neat kid,” she said, with her daughter by her side. ” To show the family support in their loss. I can’t even imagine. What they’re going through right now.”
Parmertor, 16, was the first victim to die from the shooting that occurred in his high school cafeteria Monday morning. Demetrius Hewlin, 16, and Russell King, Jr., 17, have also died. Two other students survived.
“I’ve had this thought over the week: why does it take such a tragedy to bring people together like this,” McCrory asked. “I wish we could do this all the time, for good things, not when a tragedy like this occur.”
Doug Mazurek and his neighbors also wanted to pay tribute to the family.
“We want to give them the support all we can out here. Show them that everybody cares,” he said. “It’s a great feeling. You think you know your neighbors well and when all this happens, it’s kind of like everyone comes together. It makes it worth living out here.”
Funerals for Hewlin and King are planned later this week.