Hello. And Welcome!

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Hi. I’m Annette and welcome to my Website. On here, you can watch some award-winning samples of my work in television. Read my blog. And check out other seemingly interesting tidbits of my life.

Today, I work as a TV reporter at Fox 8 in Cleveland, Ohio. I shoot and edit all of my material. It’s a lot of fun.

Outside of work, I’ve been recognized as a “Top Single” up-and-coming news talent in Wichita Magazine, K-Stater, Update Magazine and Splurge–to name a few. I’ve also been a recipient of two top Kansas Association of Broadcaster awards: one for a feature news reporting and another for producing. It’s an honor to be recognized by my peers.

I enjoy spending time with friends and family, as generic as that sounds. I figure in today’s world, they’re the most dependable assets you have. Invest in them.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my work on here. I’m always interested in meeting new people. Shoot me an e-mail or a quick message online.